Our Process

Market Intelligence
We maintain communication with all of our packers on a daily basis and collect offers from them regularly. Relevant offers are e-mailed to customers along with the current market condition and trends. Our market analysis and forecasts are well-respected by our buyers.
We have professional negotiators who specialize in obtaining the cheapest prices possible for premium quality products along with excellent payment and shipment terms. Our negotiators have many years of experience in the industry and have thorough knowledge about the business. We offer payment terms that allow our buyers to pay after government health checks and third-party inspection at the destination.
We maintain printing cylinders in the source country for our existing customers in order to provide purchasing flexibility. We also provide product positioning and branding consultation services to our customers and, in partnership with a local brand design company, we help our customers conceptualize and design attractive consumer packages.
Quality Assurance
We perform product inspection before every shipment and send out detailed inspection report along with high quality pictures. We check for colour, freshness, odour, shell consistency and quality, weight, glazing, soaking duration, packaging and pieces used.

We also conduct factory audit every 3 month in and score each factory based on hygiene, product and equipment quality, working conditions, financial situation and raw material sources. We only work with factories that offer top quality products and are in excellent condition.
Prior to shipment, we ensure that the product has passed all government tests at the source and the buyer has received all the certifications. Additionally, we ensure receipt and review of all L/C documents. Finally, we ensure that our products are shipped within the deadline.